A Career Adventure

Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination

The Career Eras Tour

The Trajectory-Setting Era

A lifelong love of writing and language leads me to Emory University, where I earn a bachelor’s degree in English and history. Casually contemplating a future in law, I think about trying out for the Barkley Forum (Emory’s prestigious debate club) but I’m drawn instead to the boxy beige Macs and waxy composition boards of the student newspaper, The Emory Wheel. By my senior year, I have climbed to the top of the masthead — I am editor-in-chief.

The Ink-Stained Wretch Era

Opting for journalism over law school, I quickly build a reputation for quality coverage at several small papers and begin to focus on covering real estate and the economy. I accept a business reporting position at The Tampa Tribune, one of the largest papers in the Southeast at the time. In addition to daily news coverage, I break several major stories, research and write in-depth articles, and deliver on-air reports and packages for WFLA NewsChannel 8.

The White Collar Era

Seeking new challenges, I moved to PwC as a thought leadership writer. While applying my reporting skills to more complex and nuanced business topics, I gain insights from industry experts, learn more about the global economy and business operations, and discover how to navigate a demanding work environment with stakeholders from multiple countries and cultures.

The Pivot Era

I decide to shift my professional focus to marketing — content marketing, in particular — as a way to fuse my growing business acumen with my established writing skills. I begin graduate work at the University of Tampa while proactively seeking out roles at local companies that let me apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations. I also start taking on leadership roles at the ACLU of Florida, giving me opportunities to develop my professional capabilities while defending and advancing the civil rights I care about deeply (see below). When I walk across the stage on graduation day, I receive two diplomas: an MBA and a master’s degree in marketing.

The Best Era Yet

I begin the next phase in my career journey with a unique combination of expertise, experience, and educational credentials. Not only am I adept in business and marketing, but I also know how to create content that will resonate with professionals and spur them to action. These skills align perfectly with the needs at IncQuery, an innovative young tech firm that is transforming survey-based research. As IncQuery’s first marketing hire, I am instrumental in developing and executing strategies to help the firm gain awareness, trust, and authority in a competitive environment.

Out to Make a Difference at Work

My passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) spans my entire career. I came out of the closet soon after joining the workforce — when doing so was considered a professional liability — because there were no LGBTQ role models. If I couldn’t find one, I thought, I would become one. And that’s exactly what I did, helping shape more inclusive workplaces while supporting individuals in need of support and guidance.

Volunteer Leadership

ACLU of Florida

My passion for civil rights helped me evolve from member to volunteer to leader at the ACLU of Florida, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. I was a statewide director from 2019 to 2023.

My work with the ACLU involved advocacy work, public speaking, governance, policy development, volunteer management, messaging, budgeting, finance, and event planning.

While I no longer serve in a leadership role, I am still an active volunteer and support the affiliate staff when my skills or connections are needed.