Hi, I’m David Simanoff

I bring impact, integrity, and intelligence to marketing.

Going Beyond the 4 P’s

I’m a Marketer on a Mission

I believe marketing is about much more than product, price, place, and promotion. It’s a way to make meaningful connections between organizations and consumers that build awareness, cultivate trust, spur action, and lead to long-term relationships.

Marketing is what I do.

I do it well.
I do it effectively.
And I have fun doing it.

My Marketing Manifesto

Make every interaction, message, campaign, and brand:

Detail of concrete tubes


Come from a place of truth and integrity.


Deliver something useful and relevant.

Architectural detail of Dali Museum


Declutter your message so others don’t have to.

Sculpture in Lummus Park, Miami Beach


Create a conversation, not a dissertation.


Put yourself in others’ shoes.


Be playful to make a lasting impression.


My writing and leadership skills were forged in the newsroom, where deadlines were non-negotiable and accuracy was essential. After packing up my press badge, I built my business and marketing acumen through education and real-world experience.

My skills include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing for Sales Enablement
  • Verbal Identity


In every capacity, Dave is nothing but professional.

Meghan Ford, former Vice President, WilsonHCG

I was particularly impressed by Dave’s ability to partner with a large number of key leaders within the business, juggling the many requests and expectations put upon him.

Kirsten Robinette, former Senior Marketing Manager, WilsonHCG

I especially appreciated the positivity and humor he’d bring to every interaction, even when working under tight deadlines.

Greg Eiselt, former Head of Growth, IncQuery

Going Beyond the Job Description

Committed to Culture and Training

The best companies I’ve worked for have integrity, respect, communication, and development encoded in their DNA. When a company lives its values — not just pays lip service to them — I am eager to contribute to the effort by strengthening corporate culture and helping others grow.

My efforts include:

  • Contributing to mission, vision, and behavior initiatives
  • Designing and delivering training programs on writing, DEI, and other topics
  • Organizing and leading virtual and in-person team-building events
  • Taking leadership positions in employee affinity groups
  • Representing my employers at professional events