Content Marketing Matters

Content has the potential to create emotional connections, build communities, and drive change — but only if you have a proven content manager who knows how to deliver content where, when, and how it will make the most impact.

That takes someone with experience, expertise, and education. Someone like me.

My writing and leadership capabilities were forged in the newsroom, where deadlines are non-negotiable and accuracy is essential. Earning two master’s degrees — an MBA and a Master of Science in Marketing — has taught me to harmonize content marketing with the larger marketing function and other business operations.

My Manifesto

I reach people with:

  • Honesty: I come from a place of truth.
  • Respect: I consider others’ needs.
  • Empathy: I put myself in others’ shoes.
  • Resonance: I evoke emotion.
  • Engagement: I captivate audiences.
  • Information: I make people empowered decision-makers.

What I Do

I have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to:

  • Create meaningful interactions through content
  • Reach diverse markets at all stages of the buying funnel
  • Deliver and measure a return on investment
  • Develop a distinctive verbal identity
  • Cultivate a compelling brand voice
  • Manage teams of writers and other creative professionals

Committed to Diversity

I am a proven and passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read about my professional coming out journey in my bio.

Beyond Content

While content is my specialty, my work experience and advanced degrees help me excel in all dimensions of marketing — and, in fact, in virtually all business functions. I have education and practical knowledge in:

  • Business research and analysis
  • Selling and sales management
  • Global business
  • Brand management
  • Buyer behavior
  • Information systems and operations management
  • Economics
  • Statistics

What People Say About Me

“Dave is analytical in how he plans content and is able to execute successfully.”

Former supervisor

“I was particularly impressed by Dave’s ability to partner with a large number of key leaders within the business, juggling the many requests and expectations put upon him.”

Former team lead